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  1. Friday May 24th 2019 to be added
  2. Thursday May 23rd 2019 Today we outline the EU elections happening across Europe and potential consequences for the Globalists This includes the exploding popularity of the Brexit Party In US Politics Nancy Pelosi and other democrat contemporaries are putting out the same talking points Trump is involved in a cover up Robert Barnes joins us in the 2nd hour to discuss constitutional options Trump has and how to use them against the Democrats Millie Weaver joins in the 3rd hour in Studio
  3. Wednesday May 22nd 2019 On Today s banned broadcast find out the secret history of the electoral college and why the globalists want to abolish our checks and balances to enslave humanity The globalists continue to show more proof of demonic possession as they descend into insanity European election news soylent green and more in today s banned broadcast Guest Lord Monckton outlines the history and key players in the populist nationalist movement sweeping Europe Millie Weaver joins in the 3rd hour to discuss pro abortion events and killing babies up to age 3
  4. Tuesday May 21st 2019 to be added
  5. Monday May 20th 2019 Here s what you can do to improve your life and help improve society despite the decline fueled by globalists who gain power by denying prosperity to millions