The New American

  1. clothing-line-fools-big-brother-surveillance-by-making-you-look-like-a-car

    When dressing for a night on the town, you probably never figured on saying, “Hmm, should I choose the Chevy or Ford look? And, no, that isn’t actually an option. There is a new clothing line, however, that lets you “camouflage” yourself as a car in order to disrupt surveillance cameras.

  2. trump-mr-art-of-the-deal-floats-idea-of-buying-greenland

    How serious is Donald Trump's idea of buying the land once farmed by Vikings?

  3. warren-might-be-tied-in-one-poll-but-biden-commands-in-rcp-average

    The latest news on the Democratic presidential primaries, we are told, is that Senator Elizabeth Warren is in a “statistical tie” with Joe Biden.

  4. top-headline-christian-gomez-mitchell-shaw-protesters-threatening-shooting-facilities

    VIDEO - C. Mitchell Shaw joins Top Headline to discuss the attacks that have happened at an ICE facility, where windows were shot at, and employees were threatened by protesters using their personal information.

  5. it-s-not-biden-s-gaffes-but-his-age-that-concerns-democrats

    Age is catching up with Joe Biden, and the critical independent voters are catching on.